Day 2 - Establishing Your Why

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Today, I’m going to help you identify your compelling reason AKA your “Why.” Put another way, this is the deeper reason WHY you’re going to succeed!

Most people just try to lose weight quickly at various points during the year because perhaps it’s their new year’s resolution, they want that ideal summer beach body, or maybe they just want to look good in a pair of jeans.

…Unfortunately, that approach is setting those people up for failure!

Unlike you, you’re going to have a deeper reason why you refuse to give up and why you’re going to succeed (even if you feel like you never have before).

As the saying goes, your “Why” should make you cry. In other words, your compelling “why” has to be both personal and emotional for you.

Most people see the most success when this Why is rooted in family, faith, community service, and of course, your overall health. Just take a look at a few examples:

“I FastBlast twice per week so that I can put in the work after hours to help guide and change the lives of local troubled kids.”

“I FastBlast so that I can keep my weight intact to win my judo competitions and make my family proud.”

“I FastBlast twice per week so that I have the energy and the overall health to love and help raise my grandchildren to the best of my ability.”

We have to resist the temptation to make this all about ourselves. It’s about respecting our bodies and health so that we can make an even bigger contribution to others!

By the way, the side benefit is that you’re going to look and feel even better than you do right now so that certainly doesn’t hurt!

Take the time to identify your “Why” and then put this Why in as many spots where you’ll see it every day. This could be your bathroom mirror, office at work, above your scale, as the background of your phone, or on your fridge.

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