Day 3 - Designing Your Optimal FastBlast Week

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  • How to develop a foolproof plan for eating sensibly on your non-FastBlast days.
  • What kind of foods you want to avoid and how to cheat the “right way.”
  • How to get a FREE copy of our new recipe book that will ensure you get all of the best nutrition as quickly as possible.

Today we’re going to cover how to plan out your FastBlast days and what you’ll consume the other days of the week.

Make sure you stick around until the end as we have a free gift for you that you do not want to miss!

Let’s start with picking out your FastBlast days…

You can do these consecutively or you can space them out. Just so you know, these days can change from week to week.

Plan your FastBlast days on days where you’ll be active and don’t have any social functions planned that include meals. Everyone is different so just make sure to pick your two days based on your schedule.

Enter your two FastBlast days in your online calendar, weekly planner, or however you best keep yourself organized.

Go ahead and pause the video to schedule your FastBlast days right now…

Now that you’ve got that done, what you’ll want to do for the rest of your week is just to eat sensibly.

First off, here’s what you should try to avoid:

  • Heavily processed and refined foods containing ingredients such as white flour and white sugar (like most breads, candies and pastries)
  • Sodas
  • Coffee creamers that contain a lot of sugar and preservatives
  • Multiple alcoholic drinks.

The good news is that you can have a cheat meal or even a cheat day periodically to shock your system and prevent your metabolism from getting completely adjusted to your nutritional intake.

As for the other four days of the week…

You might feel that your whole diet is out of whack and that you need help sticking to a routine. This is all a trade-off between money, time, and variety and I have three suggestions for you…

First, if you’d rather spend more money to get more variety and save some time, then use a healthy home meal subscription service such as,, or

These services can be expensive but you’re paying for variety and the convenience of having the exact ingredients that you need mailed to your home to cook quickly and easily.

Second, if you want to spend less, don’t care as much about variety, and don’t mind taking 2-6 hours per week to shop at your local grocery store, cook, and clean up then you can meal prep.

There are hundreds of great programs out there and please be sure to email for more information.

Finally, if you value variety, don’t mind spending a bit more money, and a fair amount of time preparing each meal then you can make all of your healthy meals at home.

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