Forget What You Know or Have Read About Intermittent Fasting

When someone says “intermittent fasting,” what comes to mind?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the “old reliable” 16:8 plan:

  • Eat nothing for 16 hours
  • Eat whatever you want for 8 hours
  • Repeat… Every. Single. Day…

This is the technique most folks in the intermittent fasting community swear by.

“It resets your hunger hormones,” they say. “It fires up your metabolism. It changes your relationship with food!”

Well, here’s the hard truth:

It’s not the only, or even the best method. In fact, it barely qualifies as “fasting.”

I know, I know. Bold statement, especially when every fitness guru and news channel talks about intermittent fasting like that’s the only way to do it.

And I’ll tell you right out of the gate… I’m telling you this to get you interested in a product.

But it’s true. Let me ask you this:

What’s actually happening
to your body when you fast?

Your body has a lot of “internal clocks,” but there’s no magical 16-hour countdown.

In other words: it’s not about the last time you ate, it’s about how quickly you burn through your food energy.

Once your body runs out of food, it starts burning fat stores for energy

That’s when you get all the amazing benefits of intermittent fasting like:

  • Resetting hormones so you feel more satisfied by eating less food
  • Boosting metabolism and giving you more energy
  • Growing more brain cells so you’re sharper, happier, and more focused

Intermittent fasting is a fast-track to better health, mood, and focus if you do it right!

First, you need to think about human instinct:

Our bodies are designed for a world where food isn’t always available.

Our bodies follow 1 rule:

Stock up in times of abundance, so you can survive in times of deprivation.

Our hormones go into “stockpile” mode at the end of a 16-hour fast…

… so we “pig out” or binge on that first meal…

… “reward” ourselves for good fasting by choosing to eat low-quality foods…

… and “top up” before starting the next fast, eating another heavy meal.

The result??
It’s easy to OVEREAT while doing a 16-hour fast.

And if you overeat, then your body doesn’t get into a “fasted state,” even after 14 or 16 hours!

And if that doesn’t happen, you might as well not be fasting at all.

Traditional diets don’t work…
You need a community to support you,
a plan you can stick to, and a product that helps you.

FastBlast is an all-inclusive fasting program that approaches intermittent fasting differently. 

First… it uses the 5:2 method NOT the 16:8.

The 5:2 method lets you eat whatever you want for 5 days of the week.

The other 2 days — your FastBlast days — you only eat 25% of your normal calories.

This mathematically guarantees your body will deplete its food reserves… something the 16:8 method can’t do.

So even though it seems more restrictive, the 5:2 method frees you from traditional dieting because you can eat as you like for 5 days out of the week!

“That sounds great,” you’re saying, “but how do you go a whole day with only 25% of your normal calories?”

The 5:2 method is much more effective at getting your body to burn fat, boost your energy, and increase your mental focus…

… but it usually takes a bit of work:

  • Rigorously calorie counting  on fasting / regular days
  • Planning meals for fasting days / meal prepping 
  • Fighting off a mental battle with hunger all day long

FastBlast Makes Fasting EASY.
By giving you the tool you need to get “unstuck” and hit
your weight goals using the 5:2 method.

The FastBlast Smoothie is the ONLY product specifically designed for the 5:2 method.

It’s a perfect blend of 10 USDA certified Organic superfoods including protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

It’s designed to curb your appetite, so you barely notice you’re fasting.

And it’s incredibly simple and convenient: just drink 5-6 pouches (depending on your weight) all day. Drink them on the go, at your desk, or anytime — anywhere.

You can still drink black coffee, tea, and water… but all your food comes from FastBlast on those 2 fasting days a week.

Just twist the cap and squeeze the pouch of our sweet, nourishing banana-berry smoothie. You can save 15% when using code FASTNOW.

It’s also chock full of probiotics and essential vitamins to make it easy to digest on your gut, reduce inflammation, and help your body thrive on limited calories.

It’s a small price to pay for a boosted metabolism and feeling great all week long.

Ready to say goodbye to the old days of intermittent fasting
and traditional diets that simply do not work?

Use code FASTNOW for 15% off your order.

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