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“This is essential to my overall health and well-being. I can see a huge difference in my energy and vitality.”

- Carol F.

FastBlast Daily Essentials - One Can

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Supercharge your life with a blast of 30 superfoods.

Includes 10 Alkalizing Greens and 10 Fermented Fruits and Vegetables.

Just one scoop of FastBlast Daily Essentials provides: 10 of the most powerful fermented fruits, vegetables and herbs, the probiotic equivalent of 1 serving of yogurt for digestive support, and the oat beta glucan equivalent of 3 servings of oatmeal for a healthy heart!

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Soy Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No Added Sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • Dairy Free


Organic  Oat Beta Glucans
Organic Broccoli
Organic Spinach
Organic Kale
Organic Parsley
Organic Carrots
Organic Blueberry
Organic Cranberry
Organic Apple
Organic Cocoa
Organic Ashwagandha
Organic Ginger
Organic Beetroot
Organic Turmeric
Organic Green Tea

About Fermentation

Fermentation is the utilization of naturally occurring microscopic bacteria in foods to transform proteins and starches into acetic and lactic acid. This process is necessary for numerous benefits including:


  • Enhancing the nutritional quality of food by contributing beneficial compounds such as enzymes and additional vitamins.
  • Increasing the bioavailability of food, allowing the body to quickly digest and absorb crucial vitamins and nutrients.
  • Helping balance and build a strong internal microbiome which regulates the immune system and metabolism.
  • Sustaining the digestive tract and supports mood and brain function.

How To Use

Add one scoop each morning to water, juice or smoothie.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Bob Trask
Staying Healthy

Been talking Daily Essentials since 2010 every day faithfully. I’m 68 and no prescriptions. Still taking care of family business

Vicki Friedman
Mixed Bag

Yes, you will lose weight. Not extremely hungry throughout day. The regular banana berry flavor has a good flavor. The keto strawberry flavor is almost not palatable. Only 3 grams of sugar, but tough to eat.

Roy Johnson

Yes, glad to give review.
For 15 years faithfully used product,for sure l give the product much credit for my continue good health, now 85, take no medicine, still employed, mainly able to do what I want to, thanks to GOD AND THIS PRODUCT.

Judy McKain
Love this product

As someone who suffers with IBS, this product is great.


I’ve just started this but haven’t noticed it curving my appetite. I’m going to continue it till it’s gone. Hopefully it will work.