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“I tried intermittent fasting but it was pretty difficult to manage. With FastBlast, intermittent fasting is easy”



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The Revolutionary part-time diet with full-time results

The First and Only Product Specifically Designed 

to Support 5/2 Intermittent Fasting ~

stay full and satisfied

FastBlast Smoothies are specifically formulated to control your appetite and leave you feeling full and satisfied for hours.

Maintain energy

FastBlast Smoothies maintain your energy by blasting your cells with high quality nutrition like organic fermented fruits and vegetables, organic pea protein and medium chain fatty acids from coconut.

Keep your sanity

FastBlast any two days a week while still enjoying the foods you love the rest of the time.

Simple meal planning

Where many diets complicate your life with planning meals, purchasing ingredients, preparing, cooking and cleaning up; 

our go-anywhere FastBlast Smoothies are convenient and easy to use. Just twist off the top, squeeze and enjoy.

“FastBlast smoothies and intermittent fasting, unlike traditional diets, will cause your metabolism to spike instead of flatlining. The reason why is that you’re not eating the exact same amount of food and allowing your body to get acclimated to the same consistent diet. That’s what is genius about FastBlast smoothies…you’re confusing your body by only reducing calories twice per week and this is what helps lead to weight loss, more energy, and a ton of other health benefits. I highly recommend FastBlast!”

Kevin Rail

Fasting & Fitness Expert  

“You can use FastBlast in virtually any intermittent fasting program. You can do it using the 5:2 method or you can do it within time restricted eating windows, for example. Your goal is to optimize the amount of nutrition you get during these periods…every food and calorie that you consume has to count. You want fruits, vegetables, fermented foods, quality protein and FastBlast conveniently delivers all of these nutrients to your body.”

Dr. Eric Wood

“I was looking for a way to kickstart my metabolism for weight loss. I did some research and saw a study from Harvard that showed intermittent fasting helps promote healthy aging and weight loss. Two days a week, I just consumed FastBlast smoothies as my meals and I already feel a noticeable difference. Surprisingly it actually did curb my appetite (and was so delicious).”  

Dr. Eric Wood





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Kickstart your intermittent Fasting with your own personalized Fasting Plan

green leaf

Kickstart your intermittent Fasting with your own personalized Fasting Plan